With a combined 40+ years of client-side marketing experience, we understand where you're coming from. We've sat in your seat, stood in your shoes, and we know how tough it can be when one more thing gets piled onto your already overly full plate.


You need relief now and again and we provide that relief in the form of turnkey project management, on a project-by-project basis.


All work is done on a project basis. We establish a budget going in and then work within that budget. When you have approved a specific amount, it will never end up being more without your prior written authorization.


We truly believe that “no surprises” is the only way to work. In our previous client-side lives, we've experienced that moment when the final bill arrives and it's more than what the vendor had estimated. How will you rob from one budget to pay this bill? It's a horrible feeling and we just don't do that to our clients.


Our key strengths:

1. You can have confidence that we'll do what we say we're going to do--just ask any of our existing clients. We love to provide references.

2. Anything, anywhere. Whatever the type of event, brochure, sales tool or promotion you may have to get done, we can handle it. And we can show you samples of previous projects in the genre.

3. Our full-service approach to marketing and sales projects means we do it all from start to finish: we strategize, concept, design, implement, produce, and then recap. Turnkey.

4. Constant communication is critical so we keep you in the loop every step of the way so that you're prepared when your boss walks up and says: “Hey, how's that thing I dropped on your desk last week coming along?